Write a post: how to face the first one withouth suffering

How to write a post? How to write the first one? I have been trying to start this post for over two hours now. Not because I had a writer block but because I do not have my ears trained yet to make every noise around me disappear, and everything is just distracting.

So Miles Davis  Frédéric Chopin is giving me a hand right now, a bit loud for my taste but still better.

So why do I say that writing the first blog post sucks? Sometimes to just write a post sucks. So imagine writing the first one.

First of all, let me talk to you, yes, you.

You, who?

I guess just me, and maybe some of my relatives and closest friends. And that is the first thing that sucks: I have been breaking my head for over two hours over writing something that maybe just ten people will read. 

And not only that;

I will write this post in two different languages: Spanish, my mother tongue, and English.


Why on Earth would I want to write a post and to translate it if only ten Spanish talking people will read it? Who knows, right?

To write a post I have to find a voice, a style, an interesting content… I need to find something that appeals to readers (my ten family members and friends), something that brings uniqueness to the table.

And to write a post is not just about writing the content. I need to be SEO smart, and write content that is likely to be shared on social networks. Check the spelling, try to be concise not to bore, but not too concise in order not to be just plain.

So many things to think about before writing!

So many people telling me on the internet about those fabulous “five steps to write a post so that it is awesome”, about those “mistakes not to make when you write a post” and giving me “ten wonderful ideas to write a post”.

I just do not feel like taking five steps if I have to write a post, I do not care about making mistakes along the way (I will learn just nothing if I do everything right), I do not want someone else´s ideas! 

I want to be me. Just me. I want to talk to you like I would talk to myself.

Yes. I want to be me talking to you. And writing the first blog post does not suck at all if I think it that way. 

Me writing about what I am passionate about.

Because writing a blog post, and a blog in general, should not mean anything else but being yourself writing about what you know, about what you love. 

There is no magical potion for success. Or maybe there is. It is called “Passion”. If you are passionate about something, things will come for sure.

There are no five magical steps, nor mistakes not to be made.

There is just you and your dream.

And now I know why I am writing this post even if it will only be read by ten guys I love. I know why I am writing it in two languages. Because I am doing it for me because I love what I am doing.

And if I love it, you will love it someday. If you do not, at least I had the chance to be read by you, and I am so grateful for that.

Yes. Writing the first blog post is amazing! 

I have been breaking my head for over two hours now. But I have been working on this project for over one year, and now is the time to go for it. So there is no “best way to earn money from a travel blog” thing. There is no “best way to earn money from” anything. In fact, if you start something just for the money, then you are starting things with the wrong foot.

5 steps to write a post

If you want to start following your dream, whether it is a travel blog, or ballet dancing, or being a street clown, just follow these five steps (I am not crazy, there might be five steps after all):

  1. Research a lot: when you think you know everything, you realize that you knew nothing;
  2. Get inspiration from people who are doing what you want to do: they love what you love; they have probably been where you are right now. So you might want to read about them.
  3. Work your tail off: passion brings nothing if you do not work hard to get what you want. Nobody succeeded as a surgeon without endless non sleeping nights. The same thing happens to travel bloggers (although we have a little less responsibility than the surgeons, but the same amount of passion).
  4. Follow your heart and not your brain: so many people asking me: “How will you make money with your travel blog?”. I do not know, and I still do not know. I have an idea but I do not know if it will work. What I do know is that if I am passionate about it, things will come for sure. And I am not thinking about the short term. I know travel blogs only work for some. I am thinking about the long term. And that is what you should do with everything you are passionate about. Be patient. But work for it.
  5. And most important of all: start now. Regret what you have done, not what you have not.

I will give you some advice for sure later on this blog. But this is my first post and I want to keep it real. I have just started.

If you want to write a post or start a travel blog I am just a bit ahead of you; but believe me, not that much. In the meantime, check the article HOW TO START A TRAVEL BLOG.


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