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I remember my first trip as a backpacker in Europe. It was the year 2006 and I was 23 years old. My only concern at the time was finding lodging. It was the summer months and Europe was a boiler, not only because of the overwhelming temperature, but also because of the number of people in hostel rooms, which more than hostel rooms looked like hospital rooms, with rows and rows of bunk beds next to and on top of each other. I remember a room in Prague, in a hostel under a medieval bridge, where I slept with 185 people (I did not press a number more, we were 185 people sleeping in what seemed to be a covered court of some forgotten sport) . And if I did not find a bed, the sleeping bag on the floor and the backpack as a pillow. As it happened in Germany, during the World Cup, where finding accommodation was mission impossible. I remember a policeman waking me up, and me lying on the floor of the train station surrounded by hundreds of backpackers in the same situation. Anyway, I was alone, traveling on my own, without major concerns. Health insurance? What was that? Surely I had it since my parents had taken care of that.


Almost ten years after that trip of epic proportions, I lived one of the most wonderful moments that a man can live: witnessing the birth of my son. How could it be that five minutes earlier I did not know his face, and when I first saw him, violet, with the head that looked like a cone on the street, I felt the greatest love I had ever felt? I was completely in love with that “thing” that was protected in my wife’s belly minutes ago. And now he was there, out of that protective shell, fragile and dependent, prepared almost randomly to be raised by me. That 23-year-old boy with no worries had to suddenly be a man of 32 with a small human being in charge. Nobody prepares us to be parents, and no one understands what it means to be one until we feel that person for the first time.
I had often been afraid of having a child. Not because I did not feel capable of being a father, but because I saw a clash of compatibilities with the greatest passion that moves me in life: traveling. “When you have a child, forget it”; “Are you sure you want to be a dad? Get ready for trips to the beach to play with the sand. ” How many things I heard. And now I am here, in Europe, embarking on a journey even more epic than that of my 23: with my wife, my son and our dog. And this is just the beginning. But being more epic does not mean that you have to be more reckless, and less with a child. For this reason, one of the first necessities that I faced when organizing the trip was medical insurance. After all, that little person of little more than a year old, even though he was walking and communicating, was still under my care and my responsibility.


If you are a parent, I think you do not need to answer this question. Beyond what is legal (the EU, for example, requires a medical insurance covering a minimum of $ 40,000 to enter the Schengen Area, and may not allow you to enter the country you visit if you do not show that you have insurance coverage), the importance of taking out health insurance is the tranquility that you earn when traveling. The tranquility of knowing that you will always have a personalized attention and that if the anti-traveler knocks on our door with an intoxication, or a wound, or an accident, the body will heal and the pocket will not tear apart.
We chose UNIVERSAL ASSISTANCE for this European adventure. It not only covers us with a total of US $ 40,000 in case of illnesses or accidents, hospitalizations and studies, but also provides us with legal assistance in case of an accident, and gives us security regarding our documents and luggage, offering assistance in case of loss, and compensation in case of delay of flights.


UNIVERSAL ASSISTANCE also has coverage for you. There are many health care options offered in more than 150 countries: for the adventurer, for the sportsman, for the elderly, according to the geographical area, etc. You can speak with a representative of Universal who will help you in the process.
So do not see travel medical care as an expense but as an investment in tranquility, which, when traveling, is fundamental to unpack your luggage (or backpack), put on your shoes and go out to discover every corner, always accompanied.
For more information visit the Universal Assistance website or click here to quote your assistance (link valid for Argentines) and choose the plan that best fits your trip.

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Written by Pie & Pata
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