The Pines Resort at Bass Lake

Staying inside of Yosemite National Park during peak season not only is almost an impossible mission but also a pain in the butt. After all, who wants to spend their holidays surrounded by thousands of people coming and going, with no space to be? I mean, our idea of enjoying a place is being able to have it for yourself, enjoying silent nights, and being able to move around without stepping on one another. That is why we came to meet this wonderful place at Lake Bass, an easy half an hour drive away from Yosemite south entrance, and a place where you can enjoy several hikes before heading to the breathtaking National Park. I am talking about The Pines Resort, a huge cabin complex located by the lake. And by the lake, I mean literally by the lake: you have your own private little beach from where you can enjoy several water sports like Kayaking, paddle surfing, sailing, and a big etcetera.

So let´s start with…

The Location

The Pines Resort is situated on the shores of Bass Lake, an alpine lake that a lot of people call “Lake Tahoe mini version”. But it has a slight difference: the height. As Bass Lake is located way much lower than Tahoe, its waters get a lovely 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius) during the warm season, so it is the perfect summer destination for swimmers and water sports lovers. The resort is surrounded by the Sierra National Forest. So hiking is definitely another highlight of the place. We did the amazing Angel Falls hike, a super easy hike to do with kids that leads you to a beautiful and rather unknown waterfall through a beautiful forest.

Did I say it is only 30 minutes away from Yosemite southern entrance? So you have breakfast and before even digesting it you are already inside the park for an unforgettable journey.

Now let´s talk about…

The Services and Amenities

The Pines Resort is not just a hotel. It is, as the name says, a full resort with lots of amenities to offer you a place to stay. And by saying that I mean a place to not want and not need to leave. There´s a supermarket open daily until 10 or 11 PM (depending on the day) where you can buy almost everything you need (no need to take your car for miles to find a Walmart); there are 2 on-site restaurants and a bar, and even an on-site gas station.

Regarding sports and activities, as I’ve said before you can rent boats, kayaks, jet skies. You can rent fishing equipment, play tennis, basketball, enjoy their fitness center, rent a bike, or play golf in their own golf course. Then there’s the pool and the hot tub. Yes, nothing more relaxing than a bath in the hot water of the jacuzzi while watching the lake and mountains after a long hiking day.

So service and amenities wise, you have everything you need for a perfect “I’m not moving anywhere” type of vacation.

Then there’s…

The cabin

As if the complex in itself wasn’t enough, you have the good ol’ cabins. I will talk about the one we got cause there are different types of cabins. We got a 2 story high cabin with a huge en-suite bedroom on the lower floor, and a fully equipped kitchen and living room in the room above (there’s a 3rd floor above the kitchen that we didn’t use that can perfectly fit an extra bed if you like). The best part is the private balcony with amazing lake and mountain view with your own BBQ grill. You have your own parking space and the Wi-Fi works perfectly (we really appreciate when the internet works fine as we depend on it for our job).

But let’s talk no more. Here are some photographs.

All in all, we can say that we highly recommend this place for a great stay around Bass Lake and Yosemite NP. Click HERE to check their website to see more info about The Pines Resort.



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