The dream: Europe by motorhome


Traveling in a motorhome is not easy for the human being. This kind of Earth animal, who is used to think that the success of life is measured by the number of things he has, is afraid of realizing that he does not need that much to live. The human being is obsessed with taking care of his property and neglecting what is not supposed to belong to him, such as drinking water, or electricity. And living in a motorhome forces the human being to realize that every good is precious, even more so those that do not belong to him and belong to the world. And the human being discovers that, and gets scared.

The first few days pass and the human being is uncomfortable, he strikes his head with the edges, baths very slowly not to bump his elbows with the walls, he struggles to discover certain functions of the vehicle. But then, this particular living being begins to return to its most fundamental roots. Those origins where the home was where one was, where the wildest nature was what humans used to see through the hollow of their caves, where the fall of the rain was a concert of drops on their ceilings, where the water was there to drink and not to waste. He begins to acquire forgotten skills and crouches when he has to crouch and climbs and adapts.

Traveling in a motorhome gives back to the human being that capacity of nomadic freedom, in which the decision of where to move was more a matter of instinct than of obligations. No one had a reservation in a cave. The human being arrived and if the night fell or felt comfortable, he stayed. The mobile home makes you realize that your home is the world, not just four walls, and as such, you have to take care of it.

And that is why traveling in a motorhome is something that the human being should do at least once in his life. Because it’s not just a trip.

It is a revelation.

Camping in Europe


Leaving aside the metaphor of the caveman, the night in the motorhome is wonderful. Let’s look at the whys.

1) You are always at home, regardless of the duration of the trip: when you leave for several days your home, it is normal to end up going to more than one hotel, hostel, rural house, etc. And each arrival means a process, not just the check-in, but the process of getting used to a new room. And the room never happens to be our home. We are always guests. The feeling of being at home is irreplaceable.

2) The views from the windows of the motorhome may be better than those of a five-star hotel, and many times, be free. Sometimes it is not necessary to pay to park and sleep on a lake or in the middle of the mountains. And the fact that the views are different every day makes each morning special when it comes to opening the curtains.

3) If you do not feel like sleeping in a parking lot or simply needs certain amenities, the campsites are a great option. Sometimes people relate a camping to a somewhat unkempt place, but the camper traveler can take beautiful surprises like the one we took with several of the campsites where we stayed. In the section “The night in a camping” of this same article, we will develop a particular experience.

4) And, without doubt, the most important reason is that of the absolute freedom to stay or to leave, to eat, to sleep; in short, that of being at home.

Europe by motorhome


As we said a few lines back, people who have not yet experienced the motorhome trip, generally relate the camps as something very rough, sometimes somewhat sloppy and basic. In some cases perhaps the traveler would be right, but it is the same as what happens with hotels. There are 1-star and there are 5 stars. And many times the number of stars does not reflect the good or the bad.

A night in a campsite feels fantastic, especially after sleeping in car parks or service areas. And returning to the analogy with the caveman, it is true that a larger house is not necessary to be happy, but a little grass on the sides of the cave gives happiness to the feet. In the parking areas or service areas one is very close to the motorhome next door and sometimes a greater sense of privacy makes the home. The campsites provide that: a larger space to install our home, and, as a bonus, give us certain extras that spoil us a little.

In addition to the loading and unloading services we can count on a playground for the little ones, which is always appreciated, the internet, which serves us to reconnect for a while with the human being 2.0 that we all already have in our interior (although more than nothing it works to talk to the family that was left on the other side of the ocean or, as in our case, to work), and other extras.

There are very bad and basic campgrounds (which luckily on this trip we have not experienced yet), and there are wonderful ones. In Austria, for example, we stayed two nights (it was going to be a single but the setting was so beautiful that we decided to extend the stay) at Camping Sonnenberg, in a very nice little town called Nüziders, near the border with Switzerland. The facilities were so clean and well maintained that nothing had to envy a five-star hotel chain. But with the advantage of a super familiar treatment by the owners.

Camping Austria Camping Austria Camping Austria

And unlike a hotel, you would come out the door of your own house and see this:

Camping Austria

In short, traveling by motorhome is not for any human being. It is only suitable for those who prefer to take their house on their backs, instead of rotating hotel rooms. It is only for those who prefer to have the right and necessary clothes perfectly tidy and hung in the cabinets for the duration of the trip, instead of lugging filled and heavy suitcases around lobbies stairs. It is only for those who still can´t choose between the mountain and the sea, and prefer one day to open the window and see one, and another day to see another.


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Written by Pie & Pata
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