Spain weekend getaway: Segovia in a day

Spain Weekend Getaway

We begin our section of Spain Weekend Getaway with a proposal that can take you a whole weekend or a single day.

The city of Segovia, in Castilla y León, is too extraordinary to visit in a single day. But we know that sometimes time is scarce and one must adapt. That’s why I propose this get away to a journey among monuments that will transport you several thousand years ago. Shall we start?




You have driven your car from Madrid (the typical place from which to start this Spain weekend getaway) for just over an hour, and you are already in this beautiful city declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. Like any tourist city, parking can be complex. But we’ll give you some advice (do not tell anyone).

As your tour will start at the Aqueduct, you will take Padre Claret Avenue until you reach the Cemetery Park, and you will take Los Bomberos Street. There you will find a free parking space, and you will be just a 10-minute walk away to the Aqueduct along Padre Claret Avenue.

Now you will be before the majesty of our first monument: the Roman Aqueduct. In the middle of Plaza del Azoguejo, a place of great transformations (until recently, where the Visitors’ Center now stands a Romanesque Church), is the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain.

So stop a little there, and breathe. You are before centuries of history. Almost 20 to be more precise. Observe the large rocks and be surprised to know that they are not joined by any cement or glue. They are simply placed one on top of the other, which demonstrates a phenomenal knowledge of the Romans of the force of thrust of the rocks.

Now it will be time to travel a thousand years forward walking just 600 meters. From the Roman splendor, we will pass to the time where the Jews settled in the city, in the wonderful Segovian Judería. You can visit the Old Main Synagogue, seized from the Jews in 1410. It was the religious center of the Jewish community of Segovia in medieval times. It is located between the Jewish Quarter, the Puerta del Sol and the wall.

From the Middle Ages, you will travel to the Gothic around the corner. Through Calle Marqués del Arco you will enter the majestic Cathedral of Segovia, built between the 16th and 18th centuries. Its slight Renaissance details are due to the fact that it is one of the most recent Gothic constructions in Europe, erected at a time when the Renaissance was already invading the continent.

I imagine that by now you will be hungry. I propose that for a moment you return to the 21st century and choose a good restaurant to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Segovia. Telling you to try the roast suckling pig (cochinillo) would be redundant …

Now that you have a full stomach, you can go back to the time machine, more precisely to the year 1120. Do you know where you are? No, you are not at Disney in front of Cinderella Castle (although they say that Disney was inspired by this place for its creation). You are before the beautiful Alcázar de Segovia, the eighth most visited monument in Spain. And reasons are not lacking.

In its almost one thousand years of life, it has been a Roman fort, a medieval fortress, a royal palace, a custodian of the royal treasury, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a General Military Archive. With its boat bow shape, it is an indispensable visit in the city.

Before leaving, why not climb the 152 steps that will take you to the top of the tower and a beautiful view of the city of Segovia and the surrounding mountains? You are telling me you do not have energy? Well, then do not say we did not recommend it.

It’s time to end the day, but first, why don’t you descend from the Alcázar to the Eresma River. Cross the bridge and discover the church of the Vera Cruz, the sanctuary of La Fuencisla and the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites or the Parral monastery. Since you are by the river, take a break.

Now it’s time to go back to your car, and why not do it along the river, through the Paseo de la Alameda del Parral. Although a great idea would be to dine enjoying the illuminated Aqueduct, right?

And now I leave you alone so you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. I hope you have enjoyed this monumental city.

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Written by Pie & Pata
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