Renting a campervan with SADCars

There is no better way to travel around Iceland than with a car. Being able to decide where to go, when to go and when to stop, is a freedom more than necessary in a country of such beauty, where you will be almost obliged to stop at every turn to enjoy the changing landscape. And the fact that there are so few people on the route, makes the trip a very easy ride, taking into account that if you want to go around the island you have only to follow the only route that runs through it, which is Route 1. And the car will also allow you to take the other roads to reach places outside the tourist circuit.

Being a country with very high prices, the ideal option, and what most people usually do, is rent a campervan, which are those vans that are transformed into a cozy double bed room and kitchen. We decided for the SADCars rental company as it is the most economical of all the rental companies here in Iceland and has a fleet of new cars that are in excellent condition. We rented a five-seater Dacia Dokker and ample storage space, and in the evenings we used it as our comfortable room. While many travelers had to sleep covered in blankets and blankets inside their tents, we turned on the heating (separated from the central heating of the car, so it was not necessary to leave the car on) and we slept comfortably inside.

But without a doubt the main advantage of a campervan is the flexibility it gives you. Some nights we ended up visiting a hotel as some of the campsites were closed for the time of year and, when traveling with a small child, we needed a place to bathe him, and we used the campervan to cook, which is also greatly appreciated due to the exorbitant prices of the country.

If we were a couple we could perfectly stayed in the closed campsites as the only thing closed is the reception and the bathrooms, but once again, having a kid changes things a bit.

And having the campervan was central to our son’s naps. The possibility of sleeping in the truck, without cold and with the comfort of a bed, was priceless.

The big difference we find with SADCars and other rental companies, beyond the huge difference between prices, is that the SADCars campervan is a van that transforms into a room, while the others are rooms with wheels because they can not carry more than two people as the rear seats are inexistent. Our campervan could perfectly carry five people as a van, making it ideal for a family of three who wants to experience this kind of trip around Iceland. In the other companies the vans are not suitable for families (unless we speak of a motorhome, but that is another matter, and absolutely another price).

In conclusion, Iceland is a wonderful country to experience and live it at a slow pace. Beyond some points of interest in Reykjavik, there are no historical buildings to visit but rather nature at its highest splendor, arranged throughout the country to be enjoyed with tranquility and without schedules. In spring and summer the days are long and there is nothing better than not having a specific schedule or a place to have to run to, to do a check in.

Here is SadCars webpage if you are interested in checking out their prices:

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Written by Pie & Pata
Happy is he/she who enjoys family travel.