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Before entering the world of blogs and social networks, we read a lot, saw a lot, searched a lot. We found some amazing people from all over the world who inspired us and continue to inspire us. They are part of our journey even if they do not know it.

These are our six favorite Instagram travel accounts for 2017. We chose them for their concepts, their styles and ideas. It’s not easy to have your own recognizable style, but these six people really make things look easy, even if it’s a difficult job. So without further ado, here are our selections:

1. Andrew Knapp and his dog Momo
IG: @andrewknapp  – Web: http://andrewknapp.com/Having a dog in the family, we find it difficult to resist a character like Momo. But beyond the tenderness of the protagonist of this Instagram account, Andrew Knapp has found a brilliant way to interact with his followers: that they find Momo. Andrew proposes in many of his images, to try to find his dog hidden in various places, from a mountain of stuffed dogs of the same color as Momo’s, to a photograph of Momo in the middle of a cornfield. The doggy version of Where’s Waldo.
Even when bad things happen to him, Andrew manages to stay true to his style: once his van was robbed in Vancouver and he was able to find it with the help of his followers who acted as kind of detectives worried about the van that takes Andrew and Momo everywhere. Looking for Momo happened to be on that occasion, looking for Mellow, the name of his yellow Volkswagen Westfalia of 1977.

2. This Wild Idea – Theron Humphrey and his dog Maddie
IG: @thiswildidea  – Web: http://www.thiswildidea.com/

What we love about this Instagram account is the simplicity of their photographs and the warmth they transmit with their colors. It is not an account characterized by great landscapes or places but rather by moments of intimacy, contact with nature, with touches of humor and adventure.
It is a clear example of how the content and message of images can impact without the need for a strong post production.

3. Benjamin Hardman
IG: @benjaminhardman  – Web: http://www.benjaminhardman.com/

Searching the internet for information about our next destination, Iceland, we came across the Instagram account of this talented Australian-born photographer based in Iceland. We were captivated by his photographs and his style. His mostly white images, make us travel to cold places, where ice is the main protagonist. And from time to time he breaks the beautiful monotony with a black photo or with blue tones. They are pictures of nature and his Instagram account is a beautiful ode to the country where he lives.

4. Along Dusty Roads – Andrew and Emily
IG: @alongdustyroads  – Web: http://www.alongdustyroads.com/

We came to this Instagram account after reading a post on their blog about Mate, the typical infusion we take in Argentina. We liked that post so much that we started to follow them in their networks. This Instagram account of these two young travelers from London takes us on a journey through Latin America (and nowadays in the Middle East) with original and real images that fall outside the typical tourist image and become easily recognizable photographs.

5. Mackenzie Duncan
IG: @themackenzielife  – Web: http://www.mackenzieduncan.com/

The Instagram account of this Canadian photographer and surfer walks us through bonfires, snow, hot coffee cups, mountains, surfboards and his motorhome; A contrast of climates and colors, but always with a constant: a dark tonality that gives a very warm feeling of intimacy, as if we were actually in Mackenzie’s life.

6. The Bus And Us
IG: @thebusandus  – Web: http://www.thebusandus.com/What attracted us the most to this pair of travelers was their adventure: in a VW pickup that cost them $ 500 and months of refurbishment, they traveled from Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina; A trip we dream of doing but backwards, from south to north. Their Instagram account takes us in that epic journey of a couple who left their safe jobs in the United States to pursue a dream that we understand very well.

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Written by Pie & Pata
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