Chapter 1: Of Caves and Deserts

It´s my turn, at last! After a long time, I was able to convince my dad to let me write my stories. So I present to you:  “My house on wheels”, a series where I will tell you everything I see in these three months of travel by motorhome with my parents and my dog. Oh, I am Valentino and I am 2 years old.

Chapter 1: The Mountain with Caves and the Red Desert

And finally, the expected day arrived. We went to pick up our new house, which was very different from the others. It has wheels and it moves.


My dad drove a lot and as he was tired he asked me to help him out, and so I started driving as well.

Motorhome with kids

We arrived at a place where there were some very large caves that were inside the mountains. They are called the Argüedas Caves. Dad explained to me that they had been built last century for people who did not have the money to have their own homes. I asked if they were not cold in the winter and he said that they weren´t because those caves maintained a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees all year. People do not live there anymore because they went to some houses that were built later.

Spanish cavesThen we hopped on our house on wheels and we drove for a while. Not much. And we arrived to a place where the land is very dry and the sun very strong.

desert soil

The rocks are yellow and they are so big that they look like mountains.

Bardenas Reales

It is a very big place with no people living in it. Except for some friends I made on the way.


This place is called the Bardenas Reales Natural Park and was created by water and wind millions of years ago. Since the soil is clay, water makes it change all the time.
According to my dad, this place looks a lot like the deserts of the United States. These are some of the photos taken by Mom and Dad.

Bardenas Reales with kids

Bardenas Reales by motorhome Bardenas Reales with dog Bardenas Reales with kid and dog Bardenas Reales with kid Bardenas Reales Bardenas Reales



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