Best photography camera: get ready to take that photo

Choosing the best photography camera is very hard when you are buying your first DSLR camera. Choosing the lens that most fit your tastes and needs is really complicated for the one who just immerses himself in the world of photography (that was my case).

We always hear the eternal discussions of whether the Nikon is better than the Canon or vice versa. But now with the emergence of “mirrorless cameras” a range of even greater possibilities emerges, with Sony at the top of the market. So which one is the best photography camera out there?

Having so many possibilities to choose, I will concentrate only on the camera and the photography bag that I have for this adventure. The rest depends on you.




Nikon D3300.

The first thing that attracted me was its weight (400 gr) and its small size. This, when considering a camera to carry from one side to another but having the performance of a DSLR camera, is fundamental as not to end with a soaring neck.

Second of all: the price. For the benefits that this camera has, the price is the lowest in the market and the value for money is optimal. The reality is that if you are just starting it does not make sense to invest a fortune in a body if in the long run the best investment you can make is in the lenses that are going to be the ones that determine the quality of the image.

And I say the quality of the image and not “the photograph” because there is nothing that brings a higher quality to a photograph than the human eye. A great photographer can take a memorable photograph with a Polaroid of the XXth century.

Not only does it have a very good photographic capacity, it also offers the possibility of filming in HD at 60 frames per second.

In short, a camera that is ideal for anyone who wants to enter the world of photography.

Get the Nikon D3300 here.


Second camera: My Iphone 6.

Great picture quality, easy to carry and internet connection.





1) Fixed lens: Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f1.8.

Taking into account that the Nikon D3300 is a camera with trimmed sensor, this 35mm lens acts as a 52mm in a full frame camera (you have to consider that matter when selecting lenses). This Nikon lens is extremely luminous, small and light. It worked very well for me when taking portraits or pictures of details, as it allows a very cute bokkeh effect (the bokkeh effect is what you see in the pictures when the subject is in focus in the foreground and the background is blurry ). The value for money is excellent. But keep in mind that being a fixed lens does not offer more versatility than the one that the photographer has.

Get the Nikon 35mm here.


2) Wide Angle Lens: Sigma EX 10-20mm f3.5 DC HSM.

As one of my main ideas was to take pictures of landscapes, it was essential to have a wide-angle lens that could take more visual surface in the photo. This was the lens I chose after analyzing a lot of different options. The Nikons were extremely expensive to start and really, for the time being, they were not worth it. I chose Sigma after reading countless articles with very positive reviews and the reality is that it has not let me down at all. It is not a super bright lens but as I use it almost always on a tripod, I can leave the shutter open long enough to balance the lack of brightness. And the range 10-20 allows me to take both landscape and urban photos, making it super versatile.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: Photo of the Glacier Lagoon in Iceland taken with the Sigma 10-20, without tripod, and in conditions of sunset lights.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: Photo of the “Water Mirror” of Bordeaux, taken with Sigma 10-20 from a very close distance. Without a wide angle that shot would be impossible.

3) Versatile lens: Tamron 18-200mm f3.5 / 6.3.

I bought this lens because I wanted one that would allow me to go out with the camera for a photo marathon without the need to carry the others. Light-wise speaking is not the best out there, but it has the advantage of having Reduction of Vibration that for a telephoto lens is fundamental so that the pulse does not play a bad trick. In addition, I only wanted it in order to go out and about, so it was a pretty good choice.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: A zoom lens allows you to select the ideal frame for your photograph when nature does not allow you to approach or walk away.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: The telephoto lens is ideal to achieve the flattening effect, with which the distances are visually shortened.

Get your Tamron lens here.
If you have a Canon get your Tamron lens here.





Remote trigger.

When taking pictures with a long exposure time (I´m talking about one second and above) it is more than necessary to have a remote trigger to avoid the vibrations when touching the camera with your hands. First I tried a wifi trigger but I found the cable more practical. The good thing is that it allows me to use the camera in bulb mode keeping the shutter button locked. The brand is the least in this case. The important thing is that it works at the time of the shooting, nothing more.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: To achieve the “silk” effect of water, a long exposure is necessary, and for that you have to avoid touching the camera trigger to avoid causing vibrations that spoil the image. That’s why a remote trigger is fundamental.

Get the remote trigger in this link.



1) 82mm Hoya Polarizer.

I chose filters for my wide angle lens. The polarizer is mainly used for: Reducing reflections on some metal, glass or water surfaces; And to enhance the blue of the sky in contrast to the white of the clouds. I found it interesting to have it for landscape photos in order to achieve better contrasts.

2) ND500 Hoya of 9-Stops.

I always wanted to take pictures of the water and make it look silky. Or take some picture of cars or people moving in broad daylight. The ND filter allows to immensely reduced the amount of light that enters the lens, therefore you can make long exposures even in broad daylight. And that’s when it comes into play and is very necessary the remote trigger I talked about before.

The best photography camera

The best photography camera: With the ND filter you can take pictures during sunrise, leaving a very long exposure to show the movement of the clouds and give that silky effect to the water. Without the filter, this photo would have gone totally burnt by the light.

Get the Polarizer filter here.
Get the ND Filter in this link.



1) Just in case I carry a total of 3 batteries. Rarely consuming it in the daytime since the camera has a long shelf life with only one. But it is always good to have more and not run out of camera life at the exact moment of the best photo of your life.

Get the batteries with this link.


Memory cards:

1) One 64GB, two 32GB, three 8GB and several size adapters. The main thing is that they must be fast cards.

Get the memory cards with this link.

2) Anti-shock and waterproof memory cards case. Do not drop the box into the water and lose all your work!

Get the protective case here.



I do not carry it in the bag because the bag is small. But luckily I got a very light and compact Manfrotto that extends to more than 1.90 meters in height. I was looking for a tall one so I would not have to be bent over at the moment of being a long time standing in the same place taking pictures. The tripod is more than fundamental. It would be unthinkable to take pictures of nocturnal landscapes, or timelapses, supporting the camera on a stone. There is nothing like the stability of a good tripod.

Get the tripod here.


And that’s my amateur photography bag with what I consider to be the best photography camera for beginners.

I do not have a lot of tips to give you at this time as I am in the process of learning. But nothing better to learn than practice and error.

If you are passionate about photography, buy any camera and go out and take photos. There is nothing more beautiful than being there, looking at nature and beginning to see things with another vision.


the best photography camera

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