Motorhome Travel in Europe: places to go, what to do

Writing this last article makes me travel back to that August 23rd, 2017 when we first got into our motorhome to visit Europe. It reminds me of that feeling of not knowing how, of that fear of being in charge of a vehicle of dimensions so different from what I was used to.

It reminds me of that first “Have a good trip” that we said to each other before starting the engine (something that later became a matter of luck every time we started a new road trip).

Writing this final article about our itinerary through Europe in our motorhome is sort of a final point to an adventure that changed the way we see travel. But at some point I had to do it.

We could not stay in France in our house with wheels – although I must admit that it would not be bad at all. We had to return to Spain, we had to give back our vehicle, we had to say goodbye to our huge road companion. It was time. Are you ready? Let´s go!


Spain in a motorhome – Part 2

Listening to our language and eating the first patatas bravas was a clear sign that we were reaching the end of our adventure. But it was also a sign that we had ridden. So let the brave potatoes bark cause as Don Quixote said, “it is a sign that we are on track”.

We were in Spain again and happy about it, not only because of the almost three months we had spent on the road and in our house on wheels, but also because we did not feel bad about returning. As I told you in the SIXTH PART of this trip, we needed a bit of routine.

This last part will be something different from what I wrote in the previous ones since I do not want to repeat myself with other articles that I have already written about this part of Spain.

Therefore I will leave you two lists: one of the places to leave the motorhome with the maps place by place, and another one of articles that I invite you to read so that you know a little more about the places we´ve been to.




Read about Logroño by clicking HERE.

We left the motorhome just in front of the cemetery in a public and free parking. You can sleep there but we decided not to do it because of our son and our unfounded fear of ghosts. As soon as we parked, our son pointed to the cemetery and said: “Look, there are people flying over there”.

We know that the imagination of children is wonderful, but we prefer to leave the spirits resting quietly without disturbing them. Anyway, here on the map this place that was perfect to walk to the center:



Read about Elciego and our experience in the Bodegas del Marqués de Riscal by clicking HERE.

We left the motorhome in a beautiful free service area right in front of the town and ten minutes walk from the Bodegas del Marqués de Riscal, where it is worth a trip to enjoy the beautiful architectural work of Frank Gehry – and a couple of good glasses of wine, of course-.

Here on the map (If you go there, read the instructions on the electricity device before putting the coin in. You will definitely understand why once there):



Read about Nájera and its beautiful natural surroundings by clicking HERE.

We left our motorhome barely 5 minutes away from the city center by foot, in a free public parking next to a kids playground. Here on the map:

Hoces del Duratón:


Read about this wonderful Spanish Natural Park in this article: A weekend getaway from Madrid. Unmissable! (the place. The article, well, I leave it to your judgment).

We left the motorhome in the Park, just at the entrance. As we stayed two days and did three different hikes as you could read in the article, we left it in two different parking lots that I show you here on the map.

The first is next to the Hermitage of San Frutos and the night is a wonder of solitude and silence. The road there has a few miles of a quite difficult gravel but totally feasible -just don´t be scared with plates and cutlery giving a concert all the way.

The second one is by the beautiful Dos Ríos (Two Rivers) Path:

130 kilometers separated us from Madrid, our final destination. We had returned. 90 days and 9000 kilometers had been left behind. But what we had earned was a beautiful series of learnings not only about how to travel in a motorhome but about the family, the importance of time together, the fundamentals of patience, respect, space, and the other’s time-space.

Being three months in a motorhome together, without separating for a moment is a challenge that is not suitable for anyone. You have to be willing to be happy and to argue. You have to be willing to love each other and to want to be alone for a while. Because the one who says there are no arguments in love is lying. Love is between two people and as such, two individuals.

Three months in the mobile home were the best school not only for our son who learned what the mountains, the river, the sea, the trees, the animals, the towns, and cities were but also for us as adults, we learned to be a family in happy times and at times when we felt the need to take time for each one and maybe we could not.

I could give you several tips when traveling in a motorhome as a family. I could tell you not to forget to always have a full gas cylinder. I could tell you that if you do not like a place where you were thinking about sleeping, just leave.

I could tell you to take advantage of your bed and sleep if you’re tired at the steering wheel. But maybe the best advice I can give you is that in order to travel in a motorhome with your family you have to be clear about only one thing: being happy with who you are traveling with.

Thanks for reading this adventure. Thank you for following us in these seven chapters about our trip to Europe by motorhome. I hope you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it for you. If you liked it, leave your comment below. It is the best way to feel your love.

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THANK YOU! And until the next motorhome adventure!


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