Lamiñas Waterfalls Hike, in Cantabria

Today from the travel blog Aprendizaje Viajero we are lucky to participate, with a hiking route, in the blog of our friends from Pie y Pata. I want to share with you one of the coolest hiking routes that can be done in Cantabria, that of the Lamiña Waterfalls. It is a route of low difficulty perfect to do as a family; also, it won’t take you more than half a day.

In Cantabria we are lucky to have endless hiking routes, each adapted to different profiles and requirements. This time I want to focus on a circular hike suitable for people with a low stamina level and even with children.

If you want to know Cantabria in a different way, don’t miss this route through the Lamiña Waterfalls.

Where are the Lamiña waterfalls?

This route takes the name of one of the towns from where you can start walking, Lamiña. Although it is true that if you want to do a slightly longer route, you can start the tour starting from the town of Barcenillas.

The best way to get to these towns is by car, since it means a 45 minutes ride from Santander and public transport connections are almost non-existent.

If you come from Santander, you will have to take the A-67 until the exit E-70 / A-8 towards Cabezón de la Sal / Oviedo. After here, you only need to take exit 244 and head towards the N-634 and the CA-815 road towards Lamiña.

Route through the Lamiña Waterfalls

Ruta de las Cascadas de Lamiña

The first town you will see on the road will be Barcenillas, you already know that from here you can also start your route. Although most of the people I know, and myself, start the route in Lamiña, doing it from Barcenillas will not pose any problem, since the beginning is well signposted.

If you are going to start in Lamiña, what I do recommend is to get up early, since parking is limited.

Once the path has started, we will find ourselves on the outskirts of the town with the hermitage of San Fructuoso, located in the middle of a meadow. It is a baroque temple built on the remains of a previous medieval church.

This first part of the route, until reaching a Canadian pass, runs along a well paved track and without any technical problem. Just when you cross this pass, the track turns into a forest path, but it is not difficult either.

It is also at this time that we will find a sign indicating that we are in the Úrsula Waterfalls, as they are really called.

Ruta de las Cascadas de Lamiña

At this point, the best thing is to take the path to the right to get to the river and a little further on, hitting the waterfalls.

The Lamiña waterfalls are a set of 3 small waterfalls that, when falling, form natural pools are perfect for taking a dip if the weather permits.

Ruta de las Cascadas de Lamiña

Once refreshed from the walk, what I advise is to get to the last waterfall and take a path that ascends towards a track that will take us back to the Canadian pass. If you do not dare with the small ascent, you can always return the same way.

This would be the end of this small hike through Cantabria that, as you can see, and I have already told you on several occasions, is perfect for all kinds of getaways: with friends, with family, with pets …

Characteristics of the Route of the Lamiña Waterfalls

Ruta de las Cascadas de Lamiña

Although I have told you that it is perfect to do with children, what I do not recommend is to do it with a baby stroller, since the part of the path can be quite cumbersome.

● Type of route – Circular
● Distance traveled – about 7 km round trip
● Time spent – about 3 hours
● Technical difficulty – Easy
● Road type – easy tracks and trails
● Season – It can be done throughout the year, although I would choose a clear winter or spring day to see the waterfall with more water.

Although you will see that the path to follow cannot be missed, the entire route is marked out, which further improves the experience.

What to see after the Lamiña Waterfalls route

This hiking and nature route is located in the vicinity of the Saja-Besaya Natural Park, so you can either complete it with some other route through it or with a visit to the town of Bárcena Mayor, the oldest in Cantabria.
Another possibility is to go back and visit the town of Cabezón de la Sal and its Secuoya Forest. Be that as it may, surely you do have time to try the typical gastronomy of Cantabria in one of the hundreds of restaurants in the region.

What do you think of this route through the Lamiña Waterfalls in Cantabria?

This is just one of the hundreds of places that you can find in the land, so do not hesitate to come. You will not regret!
Have you done any other route through Cantabria?

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