Iceland with kids: 7 things you need to know before going

So you are going to Iceland with kids? Or at least you are thinking about that? Before you start reading I want to make two clarifications:

  1. Our son was almost 2 years old when we traveled to Iceland, so these tips below are for toddlers and not for older kids or teenagers. If you are a parent you will know that everything changes as the children grow.
  2. This post is dedicated to all those parents who want the best for their children and always put them as a priority, thinking about having fun, giving priority to playing games and respecting their times and needs.

Now, these are the things you need to know before traveling to Iceland with kids.



1. Before you come to Iceland with kids, take some time to learn how to entertain your child with nature.

Iceland is a country where you will not find big cities: if you are looking for walks in avenues, or parks where to play on the slide or hammock with your children, Iceland is not your place.

You have to have in mind that once you come to Iceland you will find yourself in a country surrounded by nature, where you will have to provide the fun for your kids.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


2. Bring many layers of clothing, even if you travel in summer to Iceland with kids

The weather in Iceland is totally unpredictable and changeable. You can have a beautiful morning of sunshine and a cold and windy afternoon.

Therefore it is best to always have on hand clothing for different climates.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


3. Make sure your child enjoys traveling by car. Iceland with kids is a long ride.

There are two ways to travel around Iceland with small children: on a tour or with a rental car. You can also travel by bus but it is not recommended to do it with children since the schedules are very limited.

In either of the two previous ways, you will have to be prepared for days of much driving en route as there are long stretches of road where there is no village to stay in for several kilometers.

You will have to find ways so that your child does not get bored and can enjoy the journey like any other member of the family. Drawing, reading, singing songs.

We do not encourage the use of technology like tablets or mobile phones to entertain children, but you have to be realistic and maybe sometimes a cartoon helps.

After all, we can not expect a two-year-old to be entertained by looking at landscapes.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


4. Prioritize your child’s well-being and not your desperate desire to see the Northern Lights. Prioritize the “with kids” part of “Iceland with kids”

Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in Iceland and one of the great reasons why people travel there is to see the wonderful spectacle of the northern lights.

But you have to keep in mind that in order to see them it is necessary to travel in the coldest months of the year and maybe that means that your little one has to spend many hours inside the car or, dress like a polar bear.

Maybe it would be better to leave your hunger to hunt auroras for later when your child can also enjoy them without suffering the cold. September can become a good month as in some parts of the country the auroras can already be seen and it is still “summer” and the climate can become less aggressive.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


5. Do not trust nature and do not lose sight of your child 

Iceland is as wonderful a country as it is dangerous for a small one if you are not responsible. Geysers with boiling waters, cliffs with a free fall to a sea full of rocks, unpredictable waves, strong winds; those are some of the potential dangers a parent should be aware of.

By this, we do not mean that you have to tie your child and take care of him/her as if it were made of glass.

A child must be set free to run, play, discover. But we must be responsible and attentive because we are not talking about a simple fall to the floor. But if we are careful, there is nothing to fear and much to enjoy.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


6. Choose a good method of transportation for your little one when traveling to Iceland with kids

A stroller is something immensely impractical to travel around Iceland. Unless you stay every day in Reykjavik, you will find it impossible to travel the island that way.

So if you want to travel with children, the best option are the backpacks carriers. But you must invest well and choose an ergonomic backpack for you, so as not to end with a back pain, as for your son.

We got tired of seeing parents carrying their children incorrectly, with children facing forward and their genitals pressed against the backpack, hurting them. Keep in mind that the correct way to port is with your baby facing your face, in case your child is a small baby.

If he/she is already a toddler you can carry him/her on your back, allowing your child to enjoy the same view as an adult.

Travel to Iceland with kids

Travel to Iceland with kids


7. If you see a supermarket, stop and buy. If you see a gas station, stop and load

It would not be good for your child to be hungry in the middle of the road and you are in the middle of the mountains 100 kms away from the nearest town and outside of the opening hours of the supermarkets.

It would not be good to trust the gas that you have left and not find a station for miles and miles. It is always advisable to stop, buy and load.

Iceland is a wonderful country, and it is beautiful to enjoy with the family, in contact with nature. However, it is not like any other country and you have to know what kind of trip you have to expect.

But without a doubt having a child does not imply you have to stop traveling; it means you have to adapt. Moreover, having a child means the opposite. You must travel even more to show the small member of the family the world around him/her.


If you have already traveled to Iceland and you come up with a new advice, please comment below! If you haven´t had the luck of visiting this beautiful country, we encourage you to read our article: THE BEST ICELAND ROADTRIP. TWO WEEKS IN A CAMPERVAN.

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