Chapter 7: Of colors and dwarves in Wroclaw

In Poland, there is a city inhabited by dwarves. There are 350. To find them you have to be constantly looking down (or up), but unlike those who live in the woods, these dwarves are visible. At least those walking in the streets, because they actually live in an underground city, which its whereabouts is totally unknown to humans (although it is believed that it can be entered through a mouse hole in one of Wroclaw´s walls).
Wroclaw dwarvesThey arrived little by little and were welcomed by the human inhabitants. They even celebrate in early September the Great Dwarves Festival, where humans and dwarves go out to the streets to celebrate their friendship.
On the surface, outside their underground home, they also have small houses and even banks from where to withdraw money.
Wroclaw dwarvesThese dwarves were very intelligent since they chose a beautiful city to live in: Wroclaw. In its historic center, the houses are colorful and there are many flowers and water fountains.
Wroclaw Poland Wroclaw main square Wroclaw main square, PolandThere is also a river with a park full of autumn colors where all the people go to ride their bicycles.

Wroclaw and the green area

There are photographs. They are pictures of broken houses and broken streets. They are gray photos, very different from what the city is. I do not know what those pictures are about but Mom told me that there was a very sad time when people instead of walking looking at the floor searching for dwarves, looked up at the sky and ran. But luckily that era has passed and today the people of Wroclaw can enjoy their beautiful city. How fantastic, I thought. Because with a place so full of life and colors it would not be fair that people were sad.
Wroclaw dwarves Wroclaw houses Wroclaw dwarves Wroclaw dwarves Wroclaw island


The dwawrves of Wroclaw

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Written by Pie & Pata
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