Chapter 6: Lauterbrunnen, a land of Smokey Mountains

In a country called Switzerland, there is a place where mountains throw smoke. Dad insisted they were clouds, but the clouds are above the mountains, how are they going to be down the mountain, Dad? But hey, I did not tell him anything, even though I know it was smoke. In this place, there are 72 waterfalls that fall from the top of the mountains.
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

It is called Lauterbrunnen precisely because of those waterfalls: Lauter means “many” and Brunnen, “fountains”. It is a very large valley surrounded by giant walls from where I could see a flying bird man, who threw himself from the top and fell flying to the ground.
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

There is a great river, and many cows and goats. There is also a train with people coming from many places.
Lauterbrunnen SwitzerlandLauterbrunnen SwitzerlandWhen we were leaving, the smoke began to go out. It looks like those 72 waterfalls that fall from the walls do their job well.

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Written by Pie & Pata
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