The best of Kazakhstan: not what Borat told you

The best of Kazakhstan: not what Borat told you

This postcard is a special one because it´s a moving postcard. The words and video are a wonderful creation from The Punjabi Wanderer, aka Devang Sethi from India. Hope you enjoy his art as much as we do.


Kazakhstan is not a famous travel destination, but that makes it a perfect destination for guys like me who want to explore the unexplored. It all started with my desire to see eagle hunting and I picked Kazakhstan above Mongolia because of obvious reasons – less commercialization and hence less expensive.

I approached the national airlines – Air Astana, and they happily obliged to sponsor my return flight tickets from India. This not only helped me save money but saved my ass as well at many instance in my trip. I would use the Air Astana tag whenever in trouble. Not saying that it is not a safe country, but when you fly your drone near government buildings you are inviting trouble yourself.

After my two weeks in Kazakhstan, I would say it is an amazingly beautiful country with warm and welcoming people. I stayed with locals at all the places and they were so excited that someone was making a film on their country. They used to show me all the interesting places and tell me all the interesting stories.

All that footage, a nice background Kazakh music, and some video editing resulted in this video which you are about to see. Enjoy!


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Written by Pie & Pata
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