Arcos de la Frontera

On the other side of the lake, the white town stands on a mound made up of houses that pile up on top of each other. The view from here is privileged and the sunset reflects the silhouette of Arcos de la Frontera on the water.
We are on the other side, meters from the house of Keka, who welcomed us that night we spent in the Andalusian municipality. As we enter through the gate, we are received by a large garden and the house, logically white, separates that front yard from the back garden, even larger than the one in the entrance. There is an immense pool that in summer must be the center of attention of the house.

It is still winter and the garden is not in bloom, but it sure promises a lot for spring time. The house inside has a great aesthetic sense and a beautiful taste for decoration. The kitchen is spacious and complete, as well as the bedroom and private bathroom.


If you are interested in staying at the house of Keka, we leave the link:

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