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When, where and why was that moment when you said: "I'm going to do a travel blog"?
It was early 2010 while working in an office and planning my big trip through Southeast Asia. I realized that most of the truly useful, up-to-date and "real" information were written in "travel blogs" -which I had not even known about before-but mostly written in English and by men. I felt that I would have liked to find the experiences and tips of women en route and so I decided to create it, to help other women like me who wanted information and inspiration, and for Spanish speaking women. I also saw that it was an opportunity to keep all my friends and family informed. 


How was the process of choosing the blog style you wanted to do?
The truth is that at that time I had no information, there were not many travel blogs in Spanish or guides on how to create one. I did what I could with the help of the system guy from the company for which I worked. He recommended WordPress to me, a server and he suggested that the name should be simple, easy to remember and to write and, mainly, that it should represent me in some way. Then it was a constant trial and error process ...

How did the way you see and live a journey change once you became a blogger?

The truth is that the change is radical. When traveling without a blog, you do not worry about taking so many notes, finding out everything, taking pictures, making videos, sharing it on social networks, finding the best way to articulate a post to like and hook ... you are limited to live the trip and that's it. Now that I am a travel blogger and I also dedicate myself to this professionally, it is a lot of work. Every trip, although I enjoy it very much, implies a job behind that no one can even imagine ... until you try to blog yourself!

I guess many people who want to travel for a long period of time are afraid to leave behind their friends and families. How do you deal with that?
I love with intensity but also with detachment. The truth is that before the internet boom everything was more complicated because if you miss someone the options to stay in touch were very few: expensive phone calls or writing a letter or a postcard. Today, even though we are on the other side of the planet, we have so much technology at our disposal to get closer to our loved ones that sometimes it is as if we see them every day. Between WhatsApp and calls by WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, etc. keeping in touch is very easy and if you miss someone, you just have to pick up the cell phone and there you have them, in front of you: their smiles, their words ...

Why do you think a lot of people say that bloggers do not work and that they just have fun?
hahaha, I think it's because, normally, we show only the fun part of the trip and although "showing" (Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is itself a job - a slow and time-consuming one by the way -, people are not aware of it. People only see the smiles but they have not got the slightest idea of the work involved. That is why dozens of new travel blogs are born daily, because they believe it is easy and they have "free trips" ... after months, when they see that everything that glitters is not gold, they abandon it.

Do you remember the feeling of writing your first post?
Honestly not much (me and my Dory's memory). I know one of my first posts was about traveling ( and it was because I needed to express my love for travel and life on the move.

Where is your blog now and where do you want it to be in a couple of years?
My blog grows year after year and I feel it is a source of inspiration and help, mainly for women who want to embark on the adventure. I receive many emails from women from all over the world who tell me that they have dared to take the step thanks to my blog and others have been able to organize their trips thanks to the detailed guides I write. And I think this is because I write them as if they were for me, with everything I would have liked to know before my trip. In a couple of years, I hope that it continues to grow along with the community of readers and that it can continue to help people to travel more and better.

How was Vero before the blog and how is she now?
I'm the same, now I know more about WordPress hahaha. I think the change is not so much in me as a person but in my work. Thanks to the blog I have managed to make my passion a source of income and that makes me happy ... so I can say that the Vero of nowadays is happier.

And for our last question, we want you to be "FOOT N PAW" (Pie y Pata). How do you imagine a day traveling and blogging with a child and a dog?
Honestly, I think it's quite a mess and an almost impossible mission! Hahaha, my admiration to those who do it! If traveling with a dog is a mess, with a child I feel it is very difficult. I imagine that the trips are slower, the writing times have to be coordinated with the child sleeping hours and when the dog has already gone to do his things outside ... I know it is not impossible, but I do see it as a challenge!

BONUS TRACK: Choose a corner, in a city, in a country, in a season, doing what you love the most, to make your perfect place and moment in the world.
Ah! How difficult! They say that a person who has lived in many cities and traveled many countries will never find the perfect place because it will always be a mosaic of corners of many places ... and it is true. But I think a place would be on the terrace of a typical Buenos Acoffeecoffe shop, drinking a Vietnamese coffee accompanied by a book, overlooking Machu Picchu to one side and the Mediterranean on the other side and in the spring. Does it make any sense?

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Written by Pie & Pata
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