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When, where and why was that moment when you said: "I'm going to do a travel blog"?
So it all started in 2014 when I decided to make a rather forceful change. At the end of the year, I began to spend more time on those parts of me that were a bit buried and I created, first, a blog of writing and experiments (which is now in stand by). At the same time, I decided that in 2015 I would leave my job or ask for a leave of absence (that is what I did) and start traveling for months. Un Viaje Creativo, the traveling brother (but also creative) of the first blog I created, was born as a place to translate my travels, my stories, my chronicles, my experiences and my creative follies.


How was the process of choosing the blog style you wanted to do?
Well, it went in line with the style of the other blog: a place to put my writing, game and creative experiments during the trip. There were several moments of auto-brainstorming on the pillars that I wanted for the blog, for which a book called Agilmente (highly recommended) helped a lot.

How did the way you see and live a journey change once you became a blogger?
Well, I really became a blogger as such not since the beginning of my blog, but later when I started to see that what I wrote had an impact. Before it was just a place where I wrote as if it were a sheet of my notebook (except that sheet of the notebook, suddenly, could be read by more people).

I guess many people who want to travel for a long period of time are afraid to leave behind their friends and families. How do you deal with that?
Coming back when I really feel like I want to go back. During the trip there are times when you would like to be  there (birthdays and other events) but what really counts is the 100% of the time and, realistically speaking, being in my city, with the rhythm of other people (family, friends), the moments of being together happen every certain period of time, not constantly, delimiting itself to one or two days per week, perhaps. That is 1/7 or 2/7 of the total time of a week and if what I feel is that I want to be traveling and knowing new places and being able to tell stories, in the end, what I would really be doing is to losing time. 

Why do you think a lot of people say that bloggers do not work and that they just have fun?
Because they are (we are) working on something that they love. Work is usually associated with something boring and mandatory, something that does not provoke satisfactions (generally speaking. I am a physiotherapist and in my stage as such in the hospital, I enjoyed it).
Besides, there is the issue that people do not really know what is behind the scenes of a trip in which you are writing, editing (photo or video), contacting people, carrying social networks. That's a lot of hours of work, sometimes very technical.

Do you remember the feeling of writing your first post
Hehe, yes, like starting a notebook, only that this one has infinite sheets of paper (and it is available to any eye out there).

Where is your blog now and where do you want it to be in a couple of years?
Now it is where it has to be and where it always was: in my interior. And that's where I want it to stay. My blog is me. If we begin to split ourselves, then it is a bad sign.

How was Dani before the blog and how is he now?
The same crazy guy but with many more skills and miles traveled (and lessons learned).

And for our last question, we want you to be "FOOT N PAW" (Pie y Pata). How do you imagine a day traveling and blogging with a child and a dog?
Damn. Well with much more compressed hours. It's better for me to learn how to be more efficient before that happens ...

BONUS TRACK: Choose a corner, in a city, in a country, in a season, doing what you love the most, to make your perfect place and moment in the world.
A complicated bonus track, as there may be several images that are complicated to mix. I am going to cheat and put two: I would be walking, camera on one shoulder and notebook and pen, writing poetry on one of the streets of NY's East Village, a spring or fall afternoon. Suddenly I would sit on the bench in Louis Aragon Square, with its Seine Views, in Japan and kiss a woman, who would be sitting next to me.
In another, I would be sitting reading a book on a rock, overlooking the Yosemite Valley in New Zealand.

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Written by Pie & Pata
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