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1. When, where and why was that moment when you said: "Let's do a travel blog"?
We both have the same hobby of traveling and being able to do it at our own pace, but we found that there was not enough information on the Internet of the places we wanted to know, so we thought that other travelers could also be in the same situation and that's why we decided to do the blog to help them.

2. How did you change your way of seeing and living a journey since you are a blogger? What is the difference between traveling as a tourist?
Now we travel seeing the places with more depth than before when we were mere travelers. The difference of doing it as a blogger is that you do not want to lose a single corner, which as a tourist you do not care so much; Besides that as a blogger, we are knowing corners that as a tourist are not shown to you because they do not consider them important.

3. Why did you choose to focus your blog in one country?
For the ease of being able to travel with fewer days available, because in order to go to another country you need at least a week to be able to see it thoroughly.

4. How important do you consider social networks today for bloggers and how much work do they require?
They require a lot of work every day and thanks to social networks you can reach more people than with just the blog.

5. Why do you think many people say that bloggers do not work and that they just have fun?
Because at the moment blogging is not considered a profession, and they believe that it is just a fun game to play.

6. Do you remember the feeling of writing your first post?
The truth is that we do not remember it very well because at that time we did not think someone would read it, we just wrote it as a database of our trips in case we came back again.

7. Where is your blog now and where do you want it to be in a couple of years?
I do not know how to answer this because we are carried away by the circumstances, we do not have a concrete plan.

8. And for our last question, we want you to be "PIE Y PATA" (Foot n Paw). How do you imagine a day of traveling and blogging, with a child and a dog?
Complicated, since we move in public transport, and the transporting cubicle for the dog to take it on the train, the looking for a hotel that admits animals, the seeing if you can enter the museums or park, would be a complication.

9. BONUS TRACK: Can you choose a favorite corner of Spain? Not a city or a town, but rather a place, a square, a bar, a corner ...
So concrete I can not think of it, but my paradise is the white beaches of the Cíes Islands.


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Written by Pie & Pata
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