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Pie y Pata means Foot and Paw in Spanish. Foot for Valentino, our son, and Paw for our beautiful black dog, Tita.

They are traveling the world to show you that you can have kids (and pets) and still fulfill your wanderlust.
Because being a parent or having a dog does not mean you have to stop moving or dreaming.
In fact, it means you can dream bigger!

Welcome to Pie y Pata.

My house on wheels

90 days motorhome road-trip through the eyes of a 2-year-old boy

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Our experiences and stories from our journeys

Yes, I´m on vacations

I am so used to listen to that question that I already prefer to answer yes. I´d rather see the joy on the people´s faces when I say that I am on a family vacat... Read More...

The motorhome dream

Traveling in a motorhome is not easy for the human being. This animal species, who used to think that the success of life is measured by the amount of things he... Read More...

Portugal in 10 days

Wanting to travel a country in 10 days is an almost impossible mission, more when it comes to a country as varied and with as much historical, natural and cultu... Read More...

At night, the sea is sad

"At night the sea is sad, the silence and the darkness are overwhelming and the waves are not seen, but when they come they are felt, and the boat is a blender,... Read More...

City of Lights

On one side the Cantabrian Sea, colliding furiously against the river Urumea, on the other hand, the green hills, and right in the middle, one of the most beaut... Read More...

Population: 15

"The empty Spain is an extensive territory that has no cities. The inhabitants of this empty Spain feel abandoned to their fate. Many (...) invent a past full o... Read More...

The Legend of Abul-Walid

Like every kid, I also enjoy a good story. And this one takes place in the hills that contemplate the city of Toledo, during the XIth century. Gone were the da... Read More...


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